6 Ways FriendsCampus is a Friend In Need for Tutor Partners

“If you are a tuition class owner or a tutor we are your best friend” – FriendsCampus

According to report by India Brand Equity Foundation(Source, India has one of the largest higher education systems in the world with more than 1.5 million schools (with over 260 million students enrolled), 751 universities, and 35,539 colleges.

Offline private tutoring is a critical component of India’s education industry; one that’s estimated to be in excess of $70 billion in size. And as tutors, you are the backbone of this growing industry.

We know that every business needs help to grow. Here are six ways we really help you to grow your tuition centre:

1. We are Specific in Our Offers of Help

Aside from offering you general support to grow your centre, we think practically when we think of offering you help. Unlike many companies in the market who will offer you a product or service in exchange for the price you need to pay, we take you as business partners where we share the work required to grow (y)our centre and in exchange, we share a deserved portion of the revenue generated.

2. We Don’t Force Our Help on You

We don’t force our help on you if you are okay in operating your centre without our help, we will be glad about that and not interfere in the day to day operations. We respect your needs at the time and will be always available when you need us.

3. We Only Offer Help That We Are Genuinely Able to Give

We are well aware of our capabilities and we hate making false promises. You can be sure that when we promise something to you, we will give our thousand per cent to fulfil the promise.

4. We are the One You Can Blindly Trust

We respect privacy, you can blindly trust us that we follow the best business ethics while conducting our job. We work on complete transparency and every decision we make will be well communicated to you.

5. We Listen More And Talk Less

We do not believe in repeatedly giving our opinion to our business partners unless you ask for it. But yes we will share the best practices we learn daily so that you can implement them and produce the best results. We want you to be a part of the tutor community that we are building and share your experience with others. This will help us to build a platform that not only works together but grows together. You can be dependent on us for all your business needs.

6. We Aim To Design The Brighter Future With You

We have complete clarity on what we are building and the future ahead of us. And we don’t want to walk alone on this journey. We will be the largest network of private tuitions and coaching classes. An educational brand that every parent will blindly trust. Along with this, we aim to empower you through technology, admissions, and operational needs, so that you grow leaps and bounds.

Welcome to the FriendsCampus Community!

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