Lawyer, Freedom Fighter, President: The Remarkable Life of Nelson Mandela

“It always seems impossible until it is done.” – Nelson Mandela

Throughout history, the best, most inspirational people have gone through really tough times. Think of your hero or the person you look up to – why do you look up to them? It may be because they’ve overcome some difficulties with determination and intelligence. Discrimination is one such difficulty that a lot of people have faced at some point in their lives.

Discrimination happens when someone is treated differently or badly because they either look different, speak differently or are just not made to belong. There are different kinds of discrimination: Sexism is discrimination based on gender, racism is discrimination based on race or skin colour, and casteism is discrimination based on caste. There is also religious discrimination, ageism, and elitism, which is discrimination based on whether a person is rich or poor. Discrimination is extremely hurtful, wrong and illegal, and nobody should ever have to face it.

Nelson Mandela was one such person, who overcame some of the toughest challenges and worst discrimination in his life and worked hard to make sure that those around him didn’t face the same cruelty. He is known for being the social activist who brought racial discrimination to an end in South Africa. On his 104th birth anniversary, let’s find out more about this man who inspired the world with his kindness and love.

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